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Fencing Warranty & Insurance Information

Allied Fence offers two-year warranty of all workmanship providing accountability, value and confidence to our customers. Upon completion of the job and receipt of all money due, including any extra charges herein specified, a "LIMITED WARRANTY" in accordance with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act shall become effective. Subject to the conditions contained herein, the limited warranty shall extend for a period of two (2) years from completion date. Allied Fence & Security will at its own cost and expense make or cause to be made such repairs to said fence necessary to repair any defects resulting solely from faults or defects in workmanship. Allied Fence & Security is happy to assist with manufactures warranties.
The limited warranty does not cover damage caused by lightning, hailstorm, vandalism, vehicular damage, soil erosion, flood or other natural causes.
Additional warranty exclusions for fences constructed of wood include: warpage, shrinkage, cupping, or other changes that are characteristics of wood exposed to these elements. Flaws in wood materials such as hair line cracks or splits that do not weaken the fence will not be replaced. If the fence is damaged by reason of any to the foregoing, this warranty shall thereupon become null and void for all the balance of the warranty period unless such damage is repaired by or through the company at the expense of the owner. Allied will match our competitors written warranties.
Owner shall not suffer any work to be done on the said fence unless Allied Fence & Security shall first be notified, shall be given the opportunity to do the necessary fencing work or application of recommendations with respect thereto, and such recommendations are complied with by owner. Failure to observe this condition shall render the warranty null and void.
Allied Fence & Security shall be paid for the time and materials expended in making recommendations of repairs occasioned by the work of others said to fence.
All work under this warranty will be performed during normal working hours. Shall the owner request work to be done on overtime hours, Allied Fence & Security will not absorb the worked hours at a single time rates and the owner will be charged extra for bonus hours only at Allied Fence & Security's standard service charge rates.
No other representation or warranty, expressed or implied, written or verbal, regarding the longevity of the fence materials, or application is intended or made.*
* The DBA 'Allied Fence' has been registered since 1950 but has changed ownership since that time.