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The Benefits of Bollards for Your Business

Although not a new invention, bollards provide significant benefits to business facilities around the world. The following is a look at five of the top advantages they provide.


Bollards are used at path entrances to keep motor traffic away from cyclists and runners. Similarly, they’re used around business facilities to divert traffic and prevent property damage. Around stadiums and performing arts centers, illuminated models provide near-ground light at night to prevent pedestrian falls.


Bollard installation protects sidewalks, public squares and buildings from damage. By allowing such materials to last their entire useful life, it eliminates the creation of unnecessary waste and demands less resources that would be needed to create new materials.

ADA Compliance

When proper spacing exists between posts, they are not a barrier to accessibility. If spacing needs to be tighter, other options exist such as removable or motor-retractable posts.


A variety of sizes, materials and colors are available to help architects, landscape designers and facility managers choose what will work best for the specific setting. The structures themselves can be arranged in a way to complement a building’s exterior, and weatherproof coating can help to preserve posts in snowy, humid or coastal environments.

Cost Effectiveness

The value received from the installation of posts is quite high. Crash and impact-resistant models come with a higher cost, but most office buildings, hospitals, libraries and colleges can benefit just as much from more economic markers.
Security, sustainability, accessibility, low cost and good looks are just a few of the many benefits. To learn about specific advantages for installing bollards on your property, call 512-255-5416 to schedule a free consultation.