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Superior Repairs for Sprinkler Systems in Austin

The ability to automatically water may be a boon to landscape care on many levels. A working setup may save time and money as well as provide consistent irrigation to plantings that contribute so effectively to the beauty and value of your home in Austin. Allied Fence & Security brings 65 years of experience to residential sprinkler system maintenance. Our full-service sprinkler repair and care menu includes:
  • Control box fixes and/or replacement
  • Replacing nonfunctioning or underperforming heads and valves
  • Fixing damaged or splayed wiring
  • Relaying pipe
  • Adjusting water spray and evening out water pressure across zones
  • Winter blowouts

Keeping the Flow Going With Regular Maintenance

The beauty of a self-watering program is that it does not require hours of your attention on a daily basis to make certain your landscape is properly hydrated. However, sometimes a component in the system may clog or break, ultimately causing other more systemic problems down the line. Typical issues that may arise are:
  • Jams from collected leaves, dirt or debris
  • Leaking valves and nozzles
  • Broken or cracked PVC pipes
  • Low or inconsistent water pressure
  • Program runs erratically
  • Program will not turn on or shut off
Another situation that may affect the performance of your watering program is landscape maturation. As plantings grow and develop through the years, original sprinkler heads may be too short to provide proper coverage. Newly poured concrete or deep growing tree roots may also affect the effectiveness as well.

Professional Care Saves Time, Money & Water Near Round Rock & San Marcos

Since 1950, Allied Fence & Security has been in the business of making sure your Austin, Round Rock and San Marcos landscape is well taken care of. We provide top irrigation repair and all kinds of decorative and protective fencing to keep your property safe and beautiful. Whether you need help with a watering issue or a new vinyl fence, give us a call at 512-255-5416.