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How to Create a Safer Pool Experience by Installing Fencing

Drowning ranks fifth among the top causes of unintentional death in the United States. By being prepared, alert and cautious, however, such accidents are preventable. The following will cover some of the benefits of protecting pools with fencing.

Controlling Intentional Dips

When the weather is hot, kids who don’t know how to swim may be tempted to take a dip. Even in the shallow end, an unsupervised child can be in an underwater panic after just seconds. A pool fence contributes to safety by preventing kids, wild animals and uninvited neighbors from going under.

Preventing Accidents

Anyone can become a victim of a slipping incident. When the pool is in use, nearby puddles of water create hazards. When precipitation or humidity is constant, deck areas may develop a film that is also quite slippery. Falling quickly onto a hard surface doesn’t just hurt, it can also cause injuries. Enclosing the recreation area reminds everyone on the inside to tread cautiously and keeps everyone on the outside hazard-free.

Following Local Building Code

For good reasons, the city of Austin mandates that pool yard areas are enclosed. Here are a few reminders from the Texas state statutes:
  • Pool yard fences (such as in recreation areas that are part of apartment communities) must be at least 48 inches in height.
  • New construction of chain link enclosures has been prohibited since 1994.
  • Gates must open outward, away from the inside of the recreation area.
As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to reduce risk of injury for those in the vicinity who do not know how to swim. For a free quote on adding security around your pool in Austin, Round Rock and San Marcos, call Allied Fence & Security at 512-255-5416.