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Fencing Tips From Austin Fence Contractors

Thank you for considering Allied Fence as your Austin fence contractors. We can assure you that our staff will try to make your home or commercial fence project run as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Allied Fence has been installing fences in central Texas since 1950 and we want you to have good information before starting your fence project.

Property Pins

Property pins should be visible and acknowledged by all surrounding neighbors. The existing fence is not an accurate way to determine where the property lines are established and could lead to complications and expenses in the future if not done correctly. The best way to determine your property boundaries is to have the plot plan or survey reviewed and finding the property pins. In some cases, the pins are either too far down to locate (more common in older properties) or the pins may have been moved. If this is the case, we recommend calling a surveying company to have them marked.

Underground Utilities

1-800-DIG-TESS is a free service and they will work with most utility companies that may have lines running under the fence which could be damaged by the post-setting process. This is a free service and can help prevent any time loss due to a utility line being cut.

Sprinkler Lines

Sprinkler heads do not determine where the property lines are established. Allied Fence often finds that sprinkler heads and lines have been installed on a neighboring property. Before you start your Austin Fence project, you should determine that your heads and lines are in accordance with the property pins. If a line is dead or broken, Allied Fence will have the line fixed by our repair technician or have a plumber fix the problem right away. It is best for you to take the time to mark any heads that may interfere with any of the fence lines.

Plants, Shrubs & Trees

If your project requires your old fence to be removed, then you should take action to determine which vegetation that needs to be protected. Any vines grown on the existing fence will be damaged and are almost impossible to save. Trees in the fence line will have to be boxed around and will require additional charges. Allied Fence never recommends that trees be cut down.

Marking Corners, Ends & Gates

Our estimators carry orange flags and should give you enough flags to mark all corners, ends and gates. Our estimators will walk with you and take the time to help you decide the best place to put your fence line in accordance with any visible property pins. The flags you put down may not be in a straight line, but our installers will correct them. Having flags or some kind of marker depicting where your corners, ends, and gates go before installation is an easy way to make sure there are no mistakes and that the fence is exactly the way you want it.

Removing Your Old Fence

If your project requires us to remove your old fence, the first thing to do is to remove any pool equipment, signs or anything attached to the fence that you want to keep. Allied Fence will tear out all the panels first, and the posts last. Depending on the terrain and type of fence, Allied Fence will remove the entire post along with the footing, or cut the post three inches below ground level and bury under original top soil. In every case, Allied Fence will still dig holes for the new posts to the right footing specifications with concrete.

Pool Fences

Please check with the city to make sure you follow all pool codes, as some cities have slightly different requirements. Allied Fence recommends to plan ahead and try to coordinate a pool contractor together with Allied Fence for installation dates. Allied Fence, on any removal of existing fences will place orange safety fence around the pool and will only need temporary fence around the pool for no more than three days in most cases. A pool fence is required for safety and in any case it is a good idea to have as much information on rules and regulations before installation begins.