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The Versatility of Iron Fencing

Iron Fence

Iron fencing is an elegant looking and very strong type of fencing that can be used for many uses. The information here will introduce and explain some of the different fencing needs iron fencing can fulfill and explain why iron fencing is such a good choice for many situations.

Residential Fencing

Iron fencing is a popular choice for residential needs. Iron fencing has a stylish look and many additions are available to add to the fencing's overall appearance. You can choose from different decorative gates, choose fancy iron door screens to match, incorporate iron fencing into brick walls or other types of walls, and have custom design features added to the design of the iron fence.

Iron fencing will help you decrease the chance of unwanted visitors and protect you and your belongings from theft. Iron fencing also lets you enjoy the view around your property with the fencing's open design. Iron fencing is a low maintenance option, allowing you to have it installed and not incur regular maintenance expenses to keep the fence in good condition.

Pool Area Fencing

By law in the state of Texas, all swimming pools must have fences around them that are at least 4 feet tall. Installing an iron fence around your pool will ensure you are following the required law and give you peace of mind knowing you have taken the appropriate steps to keep children and dogs in your yard safer from your pool.

When you choose to use iron fencing around a pool, your pool will still be visible for safety and enjoyment purposes and the fencing will add an elegant look to the area. As long as you properly seal your iron fencing to protect it against rust, you can expect it to look good and maintain its integrity for many years to come.

Business Fencing

You can have an iron fence installed around the perimeter of your business property to decrease the risk of your business being victimized. You can choose between manual or automatic gates to allow cars to enter and exit. You can also have a buzzer system installed in which you would need to buzz clients in, if your business has such a need.

An iron gate won't cut off your business's visibility from the street, so your customers can easily find you. Where chain link fences may look too industrial and wood fences can look too residential, an iron fence will look professional.

Playground Fencing

If you run a daycare for children, a fence around the playground is a must, as the fence will help contain the children and protect them from threats, such as strangers and roaming dogs.

Iron fences have a design which makes the fences harder for children to climb compared to a chain link fence, which they can climb by using the linkage as foot holes. Iron fences also won't put children at risk of getting splinters they can get from wood fences.

Dog Fencing

Iron fencing can keep your dog in the area you want them to remain and keep wandering dogs from attacking them. Some dogs bite chain link and wood fences when they get excited by what's on the outside of their fence. With an iron fence, you won't have to worry about your dog injuring their jaw or breaking their teeth by doing this.

You can choose the iron fence with the amount of spacing you need, so you can be sure smaller dogs have no chance of getting their head stuck or squeezing out of the area. People can see you have a dog, which can be enough to keep them from trespassing.

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