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How to Maintain Your Vinyl Fencing

Your vinyl fence can often be both practical, providing protection and privacy from strangers, and beautiful, coming in multitude of colors to match your home and fit your personality. To make sure your vinyl fence always looks its best, it’s generally important to maintain it properly

Regular Cleaning

Your vinyl fence should generally be cleaned every several months to get rid of dirt and other outdoor elements that may have gotten on it over time. A simple way to do this is to, first, spray it down with water. Then, you can take a bucket of warm water mixed with dish soap, along with a sponge or old cloth towel. The best way to clean the fence is usually from the bottom of the fence to the top.

Tougher Cleaning

If your vinyl fence has noticeable stains, other cleaning products may be needed. Sometimes the dish soap may not work well on grass or food stains. Bleach can be used instead in these instances. The amount of bleach you should use would normally depend on the color of your fence; a light colored fence will generally need more bleach than a dark colored one.
Regular maintenance of your vinyl fence is often necessary, so it can continue to bring more beauty to your outdoor home. Contact Allied Fence & Security to learn more about how to maintain your vinyl fencing.