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Attractive Security Fence Options for Your Daycare Center

Wooden Fence
A security fence is a type of barrier that serves to keep intruders out. Your daycare center, which features an outdoor play area for the children in your care, needs to have a private and secure fence to keep your charges and staff safe.
You've likely seen the large and imposing chain link fences with razor wiring on top and might assume that's the only type of security fence you can choose for your own facility. However, there are many types of security fences that can protect the little children you watch every day without taking away from your daycare center's overall appearance.
Here are a few security fencing options to consider for your daycare business.

Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is one of the cheapest and most effective types of security fences you can choose. What makes wood fences ideal is the privacy offered — your property is obscured behind the solid wooden walls.
Another benefit of a wooden security fence is that wooden fences are difficult for people to climb from the outside. Choose child-proof latches for the interior fence gates to keep children within your daycare's boundaries and intruders outside your property line.
Note: you can paint a wooden fence in any hue you wish or have the fencing material stained. Both paint and wood stains protect this type of fence and allow it to last longer.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is another type of security fence which offers privacy. Vinyl, like wooden fencing, has the added benefit of being difficult to climb on either side. Another plus regarding vinyl is the material is very wear resistant and able to withstand the abuse of small children over time. Small sections of vinyl can be replaced if they do get damaged without requiring replacement of the whole fence.

Steel Fence

Steel is attractive, streamlined, durable, and extremely difficult to penetrate. If you live in an area where high security for your daycare center is required, then consider a rail-less steel fence, where the top rail is removed or heavily curved, making scaling the fence very difficult for intruders.
When choosing steel for your fencing structure, keep in mind that steel posts and panels should be very narrow so small hands cannot get through the bars (no more than three and a half inches apart). Steel should be reinforced with a powder coating or painted for greater stability in varying weather conditions.

Palisade Fencing

Resembling a picket fence, only stronger and nearly impossible to climb, palisade fencing is an attractive approach to security needs for your daycare center. This type of fence comes in custom designs and heights to meet your needs and can be painted or finished in nearly any color.
While spikes are often placed on top of this type of fencing to keep intruders at bay, you have other point options for your fence — rounded tips, blunt edges, or even squared tips can also help to keep intruders out (and keep kids in).
Most security fences are at least five feet high, although your city's ordinances may allow you to build a higher fence to meet your daycare protection needs. You can also choose to place a classic chain link fence behind your security fence for added protection.
You don't have to have a super-imposing security fence to still provide safety for the children while they play outside. Talk to one of our fencing contractors to help you choose the best material for your fencing needs based on your budget, zoning laws in your area, and the type of curbside appeal you desire for your daycare center.