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6 Reasons to Choose Chain Link for Securing Your Facility

Chain Link Fence
In order for your company to succeed, you need to keep your facility secure. If you need a fence built for safety and security, you'll want to put careful consideration into what fencing material you choose.
One great option for fencing that can secure a variety of different types of facilities is chain link. Chain link fencing offers some unique advantages you should be aware of before you decide which material is ideal for your fencing needs.
Learn about six reasons that will show you how chain link can be the best material for securing your facility. 
1. Unhindered Visibility
If you're looking for a fence that won't obstruct visibility, chain link is probably the best option out there. Because of the way chain link fences are designed, they're fairly transparent, so it's easy to see what's happening on the other side of the fence.
Chain link fences are a great option for providing security without blocking the view. 
2. Low Costs
Chain link fences are typically made out of steel wire. Their simplicity and the affordability of the steel wire make them a highly economical fencing option.
A basic chain link fence is usually fairly cheap per linear foot. In comparison, wood can typically cost almost double per linear foot and aluminum can be as much as triple the cost per linear foot. If you're looking to keep costs down for your fence installation, chain link is likely to be one of the most affordable options available to you. 
3. Ease of Installation
During installation, chain link simply needs to be stretched between posts that are driven into the ground. The installation process is simple and fast. This means that chain link fencing cuts down on the material and labor costs, as well as the installation time. 
A fast installation doesn't just cut back labor costs. It also means that the facility owner does not have to deal with the inconvenience of fence construction going on for a long period of time. 
4. Minimal Maintenance Needs
Most fencing materials require some basic maintenance to keep the fence in good shape. For example, a wooden fence will need to be periodically repainted or treated to resist rot development and keep up its appearance.
Chain link fencing has minimal maintenance requirements. While hot weather and precipitation can take their toll on other fence materials like wood and vinyl, chain link fencing is largely unaffected by the elements. Galvanized chain link fencing will not rust over time, and steel wire is not subject to fading from the sun or other signs of wear from sunlight and heat.
5. Versatility
Chain link fences are highly versatile. They can be designed to reach any height, and installed over rugged terrain. 
Because chain link is a relatively lightweight fence material, posts don't typically need to be driven in the ground as far for chain link as they do for heavier fence materials like wood and aluminum. This makes it easier to install chain link fencing over rocky terrain. 
6. Longevity
Facility owners who choose chain link can expect their fence to last for a long time. In fact, a chain link fence can last as long as 30 years.
The longevity of chain link fences further enhances the cost savings offered by this type of fence. Because chain link lasts for so long, facility owners won't have to purchase and install a new fence for years, or even decades, after the original chain link fence installation. 
If you'd like to have a chain link fence installed at your facility, contact us at Allied Fence & Security to learn more about your options.