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4 Security Fencing Upgrades for Your Livestock Business

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Owning a livestock business means that you deal with a variety of security issues. You have to make sure that your livestock is protected and secure. This means keeping them secured from escaping and from being stolen. There are also issues with security for your buildings and the workers who may be in an out of those areas. Fortunately, you can make several fencing upgrades that can help meet your security needs.

1. Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is an option that can assist with keeping animals safe within the confines of the livestock areas. The electric fencing can also assist with detouring individuals who would come in and steal or damage the livestock as well. There are a few things to know about electric fencing for your livestock business.

The electric fence runs a current through two or more insulated wires that run between posts along the fence line. These pulses of current can be felt by anyone or any animal that touches the fence. The current is generally enough to shock the person or animal and deter them from coming closer to the fence. If the animal or person continues to touch the fencing, the current will continue.

2. Keypad Entry Gates

If you have several workers in and out of the livestock business, then you may have the need to ensure that only authorized workers are getting into certain areas. For example, you may want livestock workers to only have access to certain buildings, while someone in an administrative position has access to administrative buildings. You can do this with a keypad entry gate.

A keypad entry gate allows authorized people to use a code to enter various areas. You can have certain codes for each area of your livestock business and farm. This system locks out people who shouldn’t be there and allows people entrance into the areas where they're needed. You can also change the keypad code easily if there is a possible security issue or if a worker quits without notification.

3. Swipe Card Entry

Swipe card entry systems can be placed on gate entries and throughout the livestock business and property. You may be wondering what advantage this would have over the security of keypad entry systems. There are actually several benefits to using a security card or swipe card system to keep your livestock and business safe.

One of the main benefits is the control. You can control who has access to what buildings and areas and put multiple access on one card. For example, you may have a cleaning staff that has access to barns and certain buildings through the gated entrance, but there are rooms in those areas they do not have access to.

This access can be easily controlled on the card and changed as needed. The cards can also be deactivated if there is an issue — without having to change the entire security codes for every person on staff.

4. Wire Security Options

If you are looking for a cost-effective method to help upgrade your livestock business security, then you may want to consider razor wire. Razor wire is placed along the top of the fence line out of reach of the animals. It will, however, keep out intruders who may try to steal or injure your livestock. There are some aspects of this method to consider.

You may find that some states and cities have limitations on this type of security measure. While it may not be outlawed to have it, you may need to carry additional liability insurance. Keep in mind, this method is durable, versatile, and has a quick installation time.

To get a pricing estimate and learn more about your fencing options, contact Allied Fence & Security. We can answer any questions you may have. We can also show you how to use and maintain your security upgrades.